Oral health is very important at Sequist Animal Hospital. Periodontal Disease and oral bacteria can affect other organ systems such as the heart, kidney, liver, lungs and brain, so establishing a tooth brushing routine with your pet while they are young is ideal, but it is never too late to start!

Every professional dental cleaning starts with a review of the patient’s general health and previous dental history. For a thorough, safe dental cleaning, anesthesia is essential and blood work is recommended prior. These tests confirm that your pet’s organs are functioning properly.

They tests also reveal hidden health conditions that could put your pet at risk. Dental cleaning removes dental plaque and tarter that cause Periodontal Disease. The teeth are scaled and polished and the mouth is rinsed to remove debris before a final oral exam is done.

Dental X-rays are taken when needed and evaluated by a Doctor. Each pet that has a dental procedure done receives a free oral hygiene product to take home to ensure continued oral health.

For instructions on how to brush your pet’s teeth, follow this link: